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Continental 1976 LINCOLN

LINCOLN Continental 1976
12 776.00 € 
Voiture collection Lincoln Continental de 1976
Moteur V8 460ci
Transmission automatique 3 vitesses
Couleur Crème Code-6P et intérieur cuir doré
Manuel du propriétaire fourni
Fenêtres d'opéra à l'arrière et le toit en vinyle.
Accoudoirs rabattables avant et arrière
Siège électrique
Vitres électriques
Verrous électriques
Régulateur de vitesse
Antenne électrique pour la radio AM/FM
Direction assistée
Freins à disque avant



It's kind of hard not to fall in love with a long and luxurious surviving classic when it's at such an unbeatable price. From the big 460 V8 under the hood, to the opera windows in the vinyl roof, everything you could ever ask for on this 1976 Lincoln Continental has a great survivor-quality feeling.

This generation of the Lincoln Continental is a full-size luxury machine with an instant presence, and this one has the options that really impress, like the opera windows in the rear, and the vinyl roof. Of course the reason why they look so good is because you're looking at a sedan that has been treated like royalty since day one. The factory-correct code-6P Cream paint is quite possibly original, and so you'll be inspired by how it has held up after four decades. It's the perfect backdrop for the razor-sharp fender creases and plentiful chrome accents. And speaking of brightwork, this one has all of its pieces complete – from the big bumpers, to the little guards over the parking lights. The total package is a time capsule that makes this large Lincoln a favorite at car shows.

Open the door and you'll see the kind of luxury that could only come from the 1970s. The optional gold leather seats are exceptionally nice with the pillow top design that's just as comfy as it looks. There are even fold-down armrests, front and rear, for true individual luxury. While the wood paneling is always a nice way to distinguish the premium vehicles of the '70s, it looks especially nice here against the full golden interior package. This one came straight from the factory with premium items like a power seat, power windows, power locks, cruise control, and air conditioning. Even the electric antenna for the AM/FM radio still works. So you truly have a vehicle that offers vintage style but all the modern amenities you could want.

Ford's smooth and refined 460 cubic inch V8 provides effortless performance in the Continental. This was in the lower compression era, and since the motor is believed to be original, that's a good thing. It means this is a survivor that's already built to handle unleaded gasoline. Plus, the big V8 retains enough torque to pull a boat. Of course, you will likely never want to tow a yacht in this big bodied car, but it's this kind of available strength that allows you to smoothly and quickly cruise away from the stoplight. While the big picture on this engine bay appears quite original, when you look closer, you can see all the right signs of proper maintenance. So while this is the perfect car to park at the drive-in (after all, its interior is more comfortable than any movie theater seat,) there's much more to the Continental sedan. It has power steering, front disc brakes, and a three-speed automatic transmission.


Ref. produit : 1968


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Kilométrage : 
110.756 km

Restauration des véhicules
effectuée aux Etats Unis
Société implantée
aux USA
ou Remboursé
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