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LeMans Sport cabriolet (convertible) bigblock 1971 PONTIAC

LeMans Sport cabriolet (convertible) bigblock 1971
26 873.00 € 
Véhicule de collection Pontiac LeMans Sport cabriolet (convertible) Bigblock de 1971
Moteur 400ci (Bigblock) V8 (265 chx)
Transmission automatique 3 vitesses TH400 de GM
Couleur bronze (Castillian bronze) et intérieur marron
Capôte blanche changée
Pare-chocs avant Endura en très bon état
Sièges en très bon état
Tapis originaux
Radio AM/FM d'origine avec un lecteur optionnel 8 pistes (très rare)
Carburateur à 2 corps
Echappement double d'origine (dual exhaust)
Nouveau alternateur
Nouvelle pompe à carburant
Carburateur remis à neuf
Nouvelle batterie
Direction assistée
Freins à disque avant
Roue de secours
Roues Rally II montées avec du 225/70/14 BFGoodrich T/A radials

What you’re looking at in this 1971 Pontiac Le Mans Sport convertible is quite likely the best $23,000 car we’ve ever offered. Get over the fact that it isn’t a GTO, look past the ‘70s color combination, and you’ll realize that this car gets it all right at a price that’s impossible to ignore. It’s a super solid Georgia car that feels so solid and tight going down the road that it’s easy to believe that it has never been apart or abused. Add in the remarkably potent matching-numbers 400 cubic inch V8 (same one used in the GTO, by the way), the beautifully preserved interior, and a long list of options, and you get one heck of a drop-top muscle car for not a lot of cash. THAT is why you should look closer.

The color is code 67 Castillian Bronze, and it is indeed the car’s original color. It’s not brown, it’s not orange, it’s, well, bronze and we have to admit that it has grown on us here in the shop. Part of that is due to the laser-straight original sheetmetal, which has no signs of rot or panel replacement. Knock your knuckles on any surface of this car, and it rings true with no filler or botched bodywork underneath. Gaps are just where the factory set them and the doors close with authority, not a rattle like most GM convertibles of the period. It seems to have been repainted at some point in the distant past, but you’re not likely to see the little clues that told us this—it looks very much like factory enamel. The Endura front bumper is in excellent condition, the twin-nostril hood looks like it belongs on the GTO (it came with the Endura front bumper), and it still carries the original dealer’s tag on the deck lid. All the chrome and stainless trim is original and looks age appropriate—a little scuffed but not damaged or rusty. Better yet, it carries those relatively discreet ‘400’ emblems on the rocker panels, making this LeMans as potent as the GTO for a fraction of the price. Seriously, look closely at this car—you won’t find any major issues.

The code 264 Saddle vinyl interior is almost completely original and in excellent condition throughout. We gave everything a good, deep cleaning but it needed little else to look this good. The seats are still comfortable with no rips or splits in the upholstery and the material is surprisingly comfortable even on warm days. The door panels, dash pad, console, and other plastic parts have held up extremely well for being in a convertible that’s always in the sunlight, with only the driver’s armrest showing any wear (there’s a small tear on the inside edge). The carpets are original and are a little threadbare where the driver’s feet rest, but new carpets are included with the car so you can fix that little detail on a Saturday afternoon. Even the woodgrained appliques on the dash and console are still bright and crisp with no delamination. The gauges cover the basics of speed and fuel level and it includes the original AM/FM radio with an optional 8-track player on the transmission tunnel (pretty cool that it’s even color-matched to the interior). Overhead there’s a relatively recent white power convertible top and a matching boot to make it look sleek when the top is down (which should be all the time). The trunk is tidy with the original mat plus a matching brand new full-sized spare tire assembly and cover.

The engine is the original, numbers-matching YX-code 400 cubic inch Pontiac V8, which in 1971 was rated at 265 horsepower with a 2-barrel carburetor. That’s how it’s equipped today and it runs so well, we would be hesitant to “upgrade” it. It starts easily, idles well, and pulls the Sport around with ease, offering bottomless reserves of torque that make the car feel quick around town but effortless on the highway. We don’t believe the engine has ever been out of the car so it still shows signs of factory Pontiac Turquoise engine enamel and zero modifications. That’s the factory air cleaner up top, original exhaust manifolds, and even the heat riser tube is still in place. Of course, it’s been maintained properly so it has no issues: no smoke, no weird noises, plenty of oil pressure, and it runs ice cold under any circumstances (we used it in a parade and it never whimpered). There are plenty of recent parts, including the alternator, tune-up components, belts and hoses, new fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor, and a fresh battery, so it’s ready to enjoy right away. Power steering and power front disc brakes make it easy to handle for anyone and it’s clean enough that you won’t need any excuses when you pop the hood.

It’s backed by the toughest automatic transmission ever built, GM’s TH400 3-speed automatic. Shifts are crisp, it doesn’t hesitate when you stomp the throttle, and it generally goes about its business with a minimum of fuss. Out back there are tall 3.08 gears in the 10-bolt rear end, so it’s comfortable on the open road the way few GTOs are. The undercarriage is original and a little scruffy, of course, but there’s no rot, no holes in the floor, and no signs of life in a winter climate. There’s surface scale on most of the metal parts, but you can clearly see that the floors, the seams, the body mounts, and all the other critical areas are extremely solid with no issues. The dual exhaust system sounds great without being intrusive and there are fresh shocks that give it a surprisingly supple ride. Brand new Rally II wheels with trim rings and proper PMD center caps were installed just recently and wear fresh 225/70/14 BFGoodrich T/A radials at all four corners.

Look again at the details, then check out the price. This is a heck of a lot of car for the money and with only 3865 built in 1971, it’s not exactly ordinary. It has a great look, a lot of performance, and a solid pedigree, all of which make it one of our favorites for the Pontiac enthusiast on a budget. This isn’t just a good inexpensive car, this is a good car, no asterisks required. Call today!

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379 km

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